About Us


Materials Unlimited is a full service antiques restoration facility housed in a massive 15,000 square foot 1920's Art Deco building. Our three floor retail outlet showcases all varieties and styles of antique lighting, antique hardware, antique home decor, antique windows, vintage doors, and vintage furniture. Our production department works five days a week restoring and rewiring our antique and vintage lighting fixtures. We use only UL approved replacement parts to ensure safety while preserving the original beauty and craftsmanship.

Creative new uses for salvaged antiques is our specialty. We love repurposing salvaged doors into front bars, transforming church altars into bathroom vanities and kitchen islands, we've even repurposed beveled glass windows into headboards. Explore our inventory of over 3,000 vintage and antique items or take a virtual tour in our beautiful 1920's Art Deco showroom before committing to a visit, or purchase. 

Proudly serving Metro Detroit for 50 years!