Our restoration department features highly-qualified & experienced crafts people who can modify almost anything to suit your tastes and specifications to an item you wish to buy from us. 


  We try to keep the original finish on the items that come to us. However, sometimes they are in need of some work. Whether it's a delicate touch-up or a complete finishing job, our Staff can assist getting the item you are interested in finished to suit your needs.
  We can modify most wood objects. Add a base, cut a few inches off, add details, or repair previous damage. Our Woodworker can work with you and your salesperson to make a piece suit your needs.



  We rewire every fixture that comes in our door. We use UL listed parts whenever possible to bring them up to today's standards. Most fixtures are retrofitted with a mounting strap to attach to a modern electrical box.
  Many of our fixtures can be lengthened or shortened. Sometimes additional materials are needed to lengthen a fixture. Our Lighting Restoration Department and your salesperson can help you choose the best length solution for your space.
  Many metal finishes can be altered to suit your decor or taste. We can lighten or darken brass fixtures and faux patina several other finishes as well.



  Antique glass windows can be altered in size, merged together, or separated in two. Your sales person can help you with a design or solution and quote the cost to you.
  We attempt to keep the original frames on antique windows. However, if you are interested in having a window reframed, or if a window is in need of new wood, we can have a new frame built in a variety of wood species.
  If you see glass you are interested in and would like to have it set in a door, we have a local mill we work with to have new doors built to your measurements. We install the glass and can add a thermopane or have the glass modified to your needs.



  Bathtubs can be reglazed. New glazing is not new porcelain but, it is the best solution out there for a scratched or chipped tub. We typically have a selection of antique clawfooted tubs available, most in need of reglazing.  The typical size tub we usually get is 5 ft., though other sizes are available.  Pricing for tub and reglazing may vary.
  Many times Antiques need the extra care or craftsmanship of a specialist. Materials Unlimited, through it's years in the industry, has developed relationships with many Artisans who can provide services to help in your project.