Custom Projects

Here are some recent custom jobs we've done for our customers.  


Cabinet Door Modification

We took 4 matching beveled glass Arts & Crafts cabinet doors and merged them together into two larger window inserts.




Sidelight Modification

This "Detroit Tulip" sidelight window was too big for our customers opening, so we shortened it.



Victorian Beauty

This amazing beveled and jeweled glass window was not big enough to fit into it's new opening, so we added an entirely new band of custom bevels to make it fit.



Custom French Doors

Here we took a pair of short cabinet doors and lengthened them to fit into custom made mahogany doors.  Swanky!


Here's a project that one of our customers did.

He took an old painted five panel door like the one shown on the left, then stripped it, added some crown molding and voila: custom oak headboard! Just gorgeous.